stand management and fanzine

hello! it’s j!

so, we are approaching the japan expo  

  • for the moment we don’t have a lot of people to manage the stand so we are asking for your help! if you could help even for a few hours it would be great! the program is already online so look if there is stuff you want to attend before volunteering for a certain schedule!
  • we have ordered the postcards and have enough button designs but the fanzine is still in the making and it really would be great if you could submit fanfictions and/or drawings because it’s looking a little light! (note that this year there will only be an enlish version due to time contraints). don’t hesitate to submit things even if your not “officially” part of the frenchlockians!

for all this, please contact me!!!


Les Frenchlockians seront présents à la Japan Expo 2014 du 2 au 6 Juillet!

Venez nous voir au stand CN37, nous vendons toutes sortes de merch muti-fandom : badges, marques pages, cartes postales, crafts et même un fanbook!

Vous trouverez du Sherlock, Doctor Who, Hannibal,  Shingeki No Kyojin, Kuroko no Basket, Yowamushi Pedal, Teen Wolf, Star trek, Avatar The Last Airbender, Cabin Pressure, Marvel…

N’hésitez pas à passer nous voir, ne serait-ce que pour discuter de fandoms! =)

A très bientôt!

- les Frenchlockians


The Frenchlockians will be at the 2013 Japan Expo / Comic Con in Paris (4th to 7th of July)!

Come and see us at booth CK24, we’ll be selling all sorts of multi-fandom merch : badges, bookmarks, postacards, crafts and even a fanbook!

You’ll find fandoms such as Sherlock, Doctor Who, Hannibal,  Shingeki No Kyojin, Kuroko no Basket, Yowamushi Pedal, Teen Wolf, Star trek, Avatar The Last Airbender, Cabin Pressure, Marvel…

Don’t hesitate to come and talk to us about fandoms!

See you guys soon,

- the Frenchlockians.


We need YOU to help us with the Japan Expo!

Hello hello dear friends of the internet, corps-exquis speaking!

So as you may or may not know already we’re gonna have a stand at the Japan Expo for the second time! J is taking care of the organization this time (and fuck do I know it’s a shit ton of work but they’re doing great and everything is on track.

Currently we have a stand, we have content, we even have a lot of stuff from last year, but the big problem is we’re getting very short on money. We didn’t get a lot of donations this year and used the money to buy the stand and administration related stuff, but we’re now about 100 euros short to pay for printings, badges and other little things like that. So if we wanna be able to print new things and sell badges and basically be able to make benefits, we really really need contributions right now. I know many of you guys don’t have a lot of money but even  euros can help. (and as you know it may take a while for you to get your money back (sorry I suck) but you all got paid eventually with interests so you’ll probably win money in the long term).

J is in London for the moment so contact me (through tumblr, facebook or via texts) if you want to help us.

Thanks in advance for your support, we really hope this year at the comic con will be as great as last year.

Much love,



updates on japan expo

hey its is j again! japan expo is coming now that we do have a stand we still need:
  • more money to print things!!! only part of the people who said they would participate financially did! remember that the more we have the more we’ll be able to offer cool stuff!
  • illustrations and design for buttons, postcards, bookmarks and eventually a fanzine like last year!!! for the last one we would also need fanfictions!

as before, we have a dropbox in which we collect all of the artworks/writings so send me your email if you want to be on it! any questions and money donations are going through me so contact me for all of the above


Frenchlockian stand at japan expo 2014

so! in reaction to the poll it has been decide that we will be a part of japan expo 2014!

now for the people who said they were going to participate

  • the most urgent thing is the money: we have to send the application before the 31th march so please contact me with the amount you will pay and how you will transmit it to me
  • start working on artwork/sending them to me! we will do this thing via dropbox so you are not on it from last year send me your email!
  • tell me when are you avalaible for managing the stand!!!

yeeeeeeee!!!!!!! let’s do this!!!!


frenchlockian stand for japan expo 2014

hey this is J

we are not sure if we’ll be there at the japan expo since there is no comic con this year and we mostly do tv shows-related stuff BUT it was a great experience last year and we did very well, and i believe that lots of people coming to the japan expo will still be interested in that stuff

so : do you still want to participate, and are you willing to give time, artworks and mostly money to help us?

here is a poll, please signal boost this post!

Proud Frenchlockians! a 2 ans aujourd’hui !

Proud Frenchlockians! a 2 ans aujourd’hui !

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hey friends,

we have a very important modification to bring to Saturday’s meet-up : we won’t be able to hold the main meet-up at the usual place, so forget Jussieu

unless you have a better idea (in which case you’re absolutely invited to leave a suggestion), we decided that it will take place at the Galway pub

it’s a nice place with a first floor where the Cercle Holmésien usually holds its meetings, it’s also not too far from Luxembourg where the morning meet-up takes place, and hopefully it won’t be crowded since it will be 2 p.m

apart from that, nothing has changed, all the other informations are still here

really sorry this had to be so last minute. please like this post or let me know in any way that you’ve received this information, thanks and see you soon!





I’m bringing you all the informations about the Frenchlockian anniversary!


1) the general infos are in this post already

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hey guys, when we made the poll about the anniversary, over half of you voted for the 8th (obviously), but so far I only got like 5 RSVPs

all the general infos are in this post, I’ll soon post more details, but for the moment I need to start getting more answers


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